The Lone Ranger - movie review

From July 28, 2013

I enjoyed "The Lone Ranger". I'm not sure why so many critics hate it so very much. 
The acting was good, it was funny and exciting, and action-packed. My dad and I liked everything about it. 

My only two beefs would be that the music didn't really have memorable themes, which I personally feel is a VERY important thing for a film to have. Also, (SLIGHT SPOILER ALER) the film is told in flashback by an old Tonto. That's fine by me that they begin and end the film this way, but the thing I didn't like was that they kept cutting back to the 1930s three or four times at points that didn't need it. It started to get annoying.

"The Lone Ranger" SHOULD have been a huge cash cow: produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (producer of the wildly popular Pirates movies among many other things), directed by Gore Verbinski (director of the wildly popular Pirates movies), starring Johnny Depp (star of the wildly popular Pirates movies), and even written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (writers of the wildly popular Pirates movies). 

Do you see a pattern here?

So they have all worked on the Pirates films, which have garnered Disney almost $4 BILLION (all four films included). It sounds like a pretty safe bet that Disney made. But you never can tell how the audience will accept something. 

Many reasons have been given: people don't care about Westerns anymore, the public doesn't know or care about the Lone Ranger character anymore, Johnny Depp's crazy antics are getting on people's nerves, the film is too violent for a Disney picture, not everything Jerry Buckheimer touches turns to gold, the film is too long, etc, etc, etc. 
I could refute all of these in this review, but I really don't have the energy to do so. Just know that I think the majority of the criticisms are wrong.

Go see it. It's good.