Victory Through Air Power - DVD movie review

From April 4, 2012

Overall: A
I finally watched Disney's 1943 propaganda film "Victory Through Air Power".
The film was made essentially to be shown to FDR so that he would start the U.S. investing in the new mode of military combat: Air Power. 
Much of the film is/are animated sequences explaining how normal combat used to go (either direct confrontations on land or indirect ones on the seas, cutting off an enemy's supplies through naval attack). The film explains that the new mode of battle does the other two one better by bypassing both and striking an enemy's production lines, crippling their ability to make both ground and water war machines. 
I must say, I was swayed by the end of it, just as FDR and Churchill purportedly were.
It is simply amazing to see this film. I love it! The Disney animators really did a good job animating all the warships and airplanes. And the whole beginning of the film is a really great recap of the history of flight (which had only been around for 40 years at that point).
This film is what inspired the animated scene in "The Rocketeer" about Hitler acquiring the jetpack, as well as (I assume) my favorite Disney TV show: Tail Spin.
To watch: You had to buy the Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines DVD back in 2004. I did not, so I went to the link below.
To watch (in 10 parts):
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