Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels - DVD movie review

From May 29, 2012

Score: B
I showed the first part of this film to my class last Friday (5-25-12) and finished watching it today (5-29-12). I like pretty much anything with Kevin Smith. I just find him to be an incredibly interesting person to watch (even though he wasn't his normal salty self in this documentary/interview). And Stan Lee has one the coolest voices in all of popular culture (they even talk about it during the interviews).
The DVD itself is a compilation of two different interviews of Stan Lee, one all about Spiderman (because at the time it was made Spiderman 2 was about to come out, and hey, there's yet ANOTHER Spiderman flick due summer 2012) and the second mostly about the characters that make up the Avengers (so it was still topical to show my students).
A lot of cool insights into everything that went into making Marvel Comics what it is today (sans the bankruptcy). The only part that I didn't like was when Stan Lee said that someone at Marvel made up the name of Thor's hammer--Mjolnir--which is not true. The name comes from Norse mythology and means "crusher" (source:
Overall, very fun and interesting for me to watch, although some of my students seemed bored. Oh, well. It doesn't have giant CGI robots flying at the screen every five seconds (a la Transformers 2), so I can understand why those youngins were bored.