Get A Horse! - short film review

‘Get A Horse!’ is the first Mickey Mouse short since ‘Runaway Brain’ (18 years ago) and plays before ‘Frozen’.
I really enjoyed seeing, although I didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would. But the short was definitely entertaining. It was so much fun watching the B&W characters burst from the small 4:3 movie screen of the 1920’s into full-color 3D CG characters who extend the screen to 2.35:1 and then play around with it, causing trouble for Peg Leg Pete (who has kidnapped Minnie).
It was also great seeing Mickey and friends done right in CG, unlike the very terrible CG animation that is ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ (the ‘Dora the Explorer’ knockoff). From wikipedia: “The characters debuted in CG form in 2003 at the Magic Kingdom theme park attraction Mickey's PhilharMagic,” I saw Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Nov 2013 and really liked it (though I’d like to see it in good ol’ 2D. Sometimes the 3D process messes up the experience of a film for me). I also understand that the characters were done in CG in ‘Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas’ but I haven’t seen that yet so I can’t compare. But it was great to see the characters in CG animated by great animators. 
From wikipedia: “Drew McWeeny of HitFix lauded it as "the perfect companion piece" and "enormously entertaining". He continues on that "Filmmaker Lauren MacMullan perfectly nails the look and feel of the early days of the Disney studio, and it is the first time I have ever laughed out loud at Mickey Mouse. It's an inventive and technically precise short, and it also celebrates and deconstructs Disney's animated history in a very fun way.”