Arjun: The Warrior Prince - DVD movie review

From July 13, 2013

• The movie is a story told to Yuvraj by his mother.
• Battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas.
• Villain is Duryodhan.
• Arjun isn't the king. His brother Yudhishtir is.
• Odd traditions, such as the king not being allowed to deny any challenge on his coronation day.
• There are a few violently bloody scenes.

• Really like the UTV intro, though that has nothing to do with the actual movie.
• Nice visuals, though. Are they painted backgrounds? Often they look like digital paintings over actual photos.
• Grand set pieces. The archery scene (Swayamvara), Indraprashta (the City of Gold that Arjun's family builds), etc
• Liked the brahmins, although they seemed uncharacteristically silly to me.
• I liked the scene where Arjun fought the army of demons in the mountains

• Reminds me of "Prince of Egypt" for some reason.
• It has an Intermission?

• No in-betweening
• It's that weird CG that's make to LOOK like 2D animation, but it's not.
• CG backgrounds. Ugh
• No squash and stretch.
• The movie just kind of ends all of a sudden. Then there's some title cards that explain that the armies faced each other again a few days later and that Arjun led the charge. Huh?