Argo - movie review

From October 21, 2012

The third movie directed by Ben Affleck is another winner. Great acting and story. I really appreciated the use of the very old Warner Bros. logo at the beginning. Even Affleck's production company had a 70s style logo. Cool. 
The film sometimes used shaky-cam and anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate shaky-cam. However, unlike the 'Hunger Games' movie, 'Argo' only used shaky-cam when it was portraying a chaotic scene, like Iranians rioting outside the U.S. embassy.
Affleck also did a good job acting in this flick, as did John Goodman (is he ever bad?) and Alan Arkan (I've never disliked a movie he was in), and of course "Malcolm in the Middle"'s Bryan Cranston. 
Get ready for an intensely interesting and suspenseful film that is a really good period piece. All the hair and clothes screamed 1979. I really enjoyed the opening of the film, which was done as animated storyboards. 
Stick around for the credits to see pictures of the cast compared to the actual photos of the people they portrayed. The film crew did an uncanny job of making the actors look like the real people. Crazy. (Also, seeing the old Star Wars toys was fun)
I might add more to this as I let it sink in, but all I can say about it right now is how good it is. You'll really be doing yourself a favor by going to see 'Argo'... although you'll probably be the only one in the theatre under 55 years old, like my fiancee and I were.