42 - movie review

From April 21, 2013

This is a thoroughly well-done movie. The acting is great, the music, costumes, etc. 
The movie looks like they sucked just a bit of the color out of it, like a slightly faded photo. Nice.
Harrison Ford does a great job as the exec who puts Jackie Robinson on the team. But goddamn Ford looks old in this movie. During the entire movie I just kept thinking, “Holy shit, he looks like Michael Gough in ‘Batman’.”
Chadwick Boseman does a good job as Robinson. He’s stern-faced and determined. There's a lot of pathos for him.
The shockingly gorgeous Nicole Beharie does well as the supportive wife of Robinson. 
I really liked the actor Lucas Black as Pee Wee Reese. Looking on Wikipedia I discovered that he played the character Stevie in “The X-Files: Fight the Future”. No wonder he looked familiar to me. 
It was weird to see Alan Tudyk in a movie that wasn’t a comedy. 
I also appreciated seeing John C. McGinley in a subdued cameo role as the announcer.