My self-portrait “Golden Understanding” was selected for the 33rd “No Big Heads” exhibit at the Hugh McPeck Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska from October 18th through November 7th! It’s my first national juried art show. Is anyone going to be up there at that time?

SCAN EDITED - 8x10 Golden Understanding - A Winegarner - 8x10 - 2018.jpg

“Golden Understanding”: This Mixed Media self-portrait depicts conscious and unconscious mind: 2/3 is full of alchemical imagery that represent the unconscious, the top 1/3 is a golden field, representing the conscious mind. The term “golden understanding” refers to alchemy (Jung, CW 12, para. 381, or Jung on Alchemy 65).

"Golden Understanding" is 8x10, based on a much larger 18x24 piece that I made. Here is the size comparison:

Size comparison 002.JPG

Btw, the three prominent symbols also come from alchemy: the tria prima of sulphur, salt, and mercury.

alchemy-sulfur-salt-mercury tria prima.jpg